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Here's a few real-life examples of how integrating a robotic system from WeAssistBots can positively impact your processes, improve efficiency and in turn-increase sales. To learn more about any of these awesome businesses, simply click on the image of their logo and you'll be directed to their website.


C.F. Gollott and Son Seafood is a shrimping company that operates out of D’Iberville, Mississippi. Gollott’s Seafood already had an original multi- Fanuc LR Mate 200iD /7C robot cell with vision but needed help with training their staff and troubleshooting robot issues. WeAssistBots flew down to Mississippi and begin developing our standard System Requirement Specification (SRS) with them directly. Our SRS serves as a mutual development platform that both teams collaborate on to produce a well-rounded custom document that can be used as a mutual reference point and training manual. After developing this document and training their personnel, Gollott is now self-sufficient in operating and maintaining their own Fanuc robotic cell.


Imerys Talc is a processing plant located in Three Forks, Montana. Imerys Talc contacted WeAssistBots initially to help replace a retired S-430iF (Fanuc robot) with a R-2000iC/165F that they had purchased from Fanuc. WeAssistBots was happy to help replace the old arm, but upon further code analysis WeAssistBots discovered that there were multiple robots that had different styles of coding in them. This not only made the robots function differently but made it nearly impossible to trouble shoot any errors that may occur. From that point on, WeAssistBots and Imerys Talc worked hand in hand to create a standardized coding format for all their robots. These new code improvements have greatly improved both the function of these robots and the ease of trouble shooting them.


Click Bond is an ideas company delivering advanced fastening solutions located in Carsen City, Nevada. Click Bond contacted WeAssistBots about assisting them in programming a machine tending application that they already had. They wanted WeAssistBots to help them develop the project, train the technicians, and program 85% of the Fanuc LR Mate 200iD robotic cell. Click Bond only wanted 85% of the cell’s programming done so their technicians could finish the rest and implement their new training. The LR Mate 200iD needed to use vision to identify parts, and they wanted the robotic cell to be collaborative to minimize safety fencing costs. This was quite a lot of training in a short amount of time, but with the use of the mutually developed SRS WeAssistBots was able to fully train Click Bond’s technical team. This allowed Click Bond to continue finalizing their robotic cell after WeAssistBots left the site, and further develop their hands-on training on their own with minimal telephone support when required.


Magic Valley Produce, founded by the Costa Delis Family in 1964, has come a long way under the stewardship of three generations. Today, they are a thriving business that ships a remarkable 100 million pounds of potatoes annually. With 40-45 employees, they proudly hold the position of the largest employer in their town. To keep up with this impressive growth, Magic Valley Produce recently embraced cutting-edge automation technology, including a palletizing cobot from WeAssistBots. This innovative addition has not only significantly improved safety and efficiency but has also enhanced their overall productivity. Magic Valley Produce is now better equipped than ever to meet the demands of their customers and maintain their status as a prominent player in the industry.

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